Mega Decks Story Testimonial

Dear Mosaic Team,

We just watched the first two episodes of Mega Decks on Ch. 229 with a great deal of anticipation that was rewarded with nostalgia and gratitude as well as appreciation for our deck and restored foundation and the well-produced tight editing and photography that makes the shows completely and totally understandable in half-hour dollops.  6 months in 22 minutes.  Go figure as your accountant would say.

Also glad that Curtis’s car was not the victim of unbearable mayhem.

Great to see the professionalism and character of Garth, James, Curtis, and Brian so succinctly and transparently presented as we know them to be, as well as all the other members of your crews and subs.  Our best memories were confirmed.

Best wishes for future success and future episodes that continue to represent you all so well.

Jim and Paula
Happy customers



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